Library Card

Who can get a library card, how to apply, and how to use your library card...

Anyone with a current local address and phone number is eligible to get a library card. Patrons will be issued a number, not a  physical card. The only requirement is to show proof of address. Children, 12 and younger, must have a parent or guardian with them to register. You can register in person at the library. First time check outs are limited to two dvd's and five books.

All patrons may check out any materials in the library including books, magazines, audio books and dvds.


    • Loan limits
      Books, Audio Books - 2 Weeks
      Magazines -1 week
      DVDs - 5 Days    Cake Pans - 14 days    STEM Kits - 7 days
    • Returning items
      Items may be returned 24 hours at the outside book return
    • Renewing items
      Items may be renewed in person , by phone or email
    • Fines
      5 cents per day for books & magazines
      25 cents per day for DVDs and Videos
    • $1.00 per for Stem Kits
    • Requesting an item
      items may be requested for Interlibrary Loan in person, by phone or email.
    • Reserving an item
      Items may be reserved in person, phone or email.